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I think he did the right thing, there won't be so much controversy around Twitter now and he might be more focused on Tesla, unless he buys another company : ).

I think it'll help a lot, too, especially in terms of the controversy

Seems to me he made the right move, Tesla definitely needs him more ;)

I also think $TSLA+0.0% will become a bit more stable as a portfolio choice.

It's possible and it would certainly be nice.

I wouldn't even say more stable, TSLA has always been a volatile stock, I rather think it will benefit Tesla in the future to have Musk 100% focused on what he has to do rather than Twitter. :D

Well- into X, the everything app- is probably a long way off. From what I'm reading, he hired a sales director rather than a CEO. Functionally speaking. His problem is that he has to find CEOs who can deal with his meddling, and I don't mean by simply following orders. Only Tom Zhu and Straubel at Tesla have been able to creatively get along with Musk and even influence him, as far as I know. (Space X will probably have someone like that too but I don't see it there.) The mistake I think was not having someone like that at Twitter from the beginning and if the new CEO can do that? I'm guessing more likely yes. 🤞

I also think they are far from their goal. But I like that he stopped cramming so much into the next project when he already has three or more on his plate.

I don't know the new CEO, but I'm sure he chose carefully. I like the fact that Elon will continue to be the brains of the project. I like the idea of a universal platform, so I'm curious to see where he takes it.

Me too 😀

I'm also interested in what's next and how the platform will evolve.