S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,306.04 +0.02%
Nvidia NVDA $1,140.59 +7.13%
Tesla TSLA $176.75 -1.39%
Alphabet GOOG $178.02 +0.96%
Amazon AMZN $182.15 +0.77%
Meta META $479.92 +0.36%
Microsoft MSFT $430.32 +0.04%
Apple AAPL $189.99 +0.01%

We're experiencing sell-offs across sectors right now, but do you have any idea why solar isn't doing well? 🤔

Specifically the last few days I'm seeing the most noticeable declines in my portfolio and that's in $ENPH+3.4%. Yet a few days ago I read that they had a successful entry into South America, across Brazil. So I must be missing some news. But the competition from $FSLR+1.2% or $CSIQ+4.8% is holding up.

$129.38 $4.20 +3.36%

Anyone following these stocks and how do you feel about the sector? 😊

I don't follow this sector much and I don't own any stocks from this sector. However, it is interesting and thank you for the tip.

Look, while the industry still has plenty of room for improvement, the transition to greener energy is the future. 😊

I agree, I see the potential in it too.

I follow solar industry stocks. I'm especially interested in Europe right now, there was a great report yesterday and my favorite company Meyer Burger went up 8%. The German Chancellor announced his support for the solar industry in Germany and I hope he pushes it through the European Commission. The EU needs to support local manufacturers and be competitive with China.

Well, that's good news for the company you mention. I don't have it in my portfolio, I don't know much about it, I'll check it out, thanks. So anyway, it's a competitor for $ENPH+3.4% which is not good news for me 😂