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How do you see the airlines and the entire airline industry at the current price point? Do you think it has something to offer for the future and are you investing? I'm looking at the carved out $BA-1.0% $SAVE+6.5% $RYAAY....-0.9% stocks from this sector and it makes me wonder if I should dive in more, analyze and maybe buy some of the titles.

$167.82 -$1.73 -1.02%
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5 Years

The shares of these companies are not very stable, but that's probably not a bad thing. I wouldn't take it as a long-term investment, but for a medium-term trade, I think $BOEI.BR-8.2% or $DAL-0.4% are great.

Agreed, I would also think more in the shorter term,

At what price would you buy $BA-1.0% stock?

I think it's such a cyclical industry, when it flies more and when it flies less, long term I also don't have any companies in my portfolio, just now short term, about 2 months I speculated and caught the rise on $DAL-0.4%, but I will sell, they are falling again and for the winter I don't think they will have such a turnaround.

Yeah, I understand.