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Another quarter and another stunt for $NU-1.7% 🚀 Quarter after quarter it gets better and better, so I'm really happy to have accumulated a position here of around $4 a share.

$10.48 -$0.18 -1.69%
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Enterpr. Val.

Nu Holdings Quarterly Results (Bulios Flash News):

Nu Holdings released its financial results for Q2 2023. The company posted strong growth compared to the same period last year.

The company's revenue increased 60% year-over-year to $1.87 billion. Net income climbed to $225 million from a loss of $30 million last year. Adjusted net income reached $263 million, up from $17 million in 2Q 2022.

Customer numbers increased 28% year-on-year to 83.7 million, with Nu already having 79.4 million users in Brazil. Average revenue per active customer rose 18% to $9.3.

The company has been successful in increasing interest income, with net interest margin reaching a record 18.3%. Risk-adjusted net interest margin is also at an all-time high of 8%.

Management is very positive about the results and expects continued growth as the customer base expands and engagement increases. This clearly makes Nu the leading fintech company in Latin America.

Do you have shares of $NU-1.7% in your portfolio? Alternatively, do you hold shares of Lat. America?

I don't know the company, but the results are nice. Thanks for the tip.

I don't but the results look nice, thanks for the tip to analyze. :)

I don't have this stock in my portfolio, but it's been a roller coaster ride so far this year. Doing well, well, congratulations to the owners👍.

I had, now I have nothing on that market. I held LATAM Airlines Group stock, but it ended horribly 😀 .