S&P 500 ^GSPC
Tesla TSLA
Apple AAPL
Nvidia NVDA
Microsoft MSFT
Alphabet GOOG
Amazon AMZN

In accordance with Bulios Academy's fair price summary, I have been buying $HON-1.7% $CVX-0.8% $NKE+0.3% $WPC-1.3% $O-1.6% for the past week and a total of $MO-0.5% $DIS+0.8% $PYPL-0.1% and $PFE-0.8% in August. But for example for the 7th month I didn't have a single purchase. 🙈

At most in the last weeks of $CVS+0.1% or $MMM-0.3%. Otherwise, I'll leave it alone for now...

Also, $CVS+0.1% I'm planning on buying too, what's your average purchase price?

I'm around $68 right now. I shopped a long time ago and now I'm just restocking.

I'm not doing any buying/selling yet, waiting for the drop that I think will come in September.

What makes you say that? :)

Stocks are too expensive now in my opinion because of AI, the only stocks I buy are dividend ones.