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So today we have another "washout" in the markets. 🤔

This time I don't want to add some news to a certain company, as I usually do, because we have times now when almost everything is dropping. I think we are seeing a similar picture to what we saw last fall, 2022.

I want to elaborate on two views:

1, Around what price levels do you expect the declines to stop? (Estimate approx, no one can predict bottoms or peaks).😊

2, There are and in my opinion will be plenty of buying opportunities, so I'm interested in some of your tips on companies you follow, for example, that despite the downturn you see strength in, that can withstand prolonged higher interest rates. I'm also interested in lesser known companies, for example. Companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon ... obviously if there's a downturn there, it'll be interesting for buying, but that's kind of classic 😊.

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