S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,070.55 +1.20%
Nvidia NVDA $824.18 +3.65%
Meta META $495.78 +2.92%
Tesla TSLA $144.61 +1.80%
Microsoft MSFT $407.06 +1.52%
Amazon AMZN $179.52 +1.29%
Alphabet GOOG $159.92 +1.25%
Apple AAPL $166.82 +0.59%

Are you buying, holding or selling shares of $PFE+0.2%?

Shares of PFE are down more than 40% this year. I've been overbought during the year, but I won't be buying any further.



$26.32 $0.06 +0.23%

I don't, but at that price I'm thinking pretty strongly about a smaller position.

The price is really nice at the moment.

I'll give it a chance.

I've already closed my position. I figured that I probably won't be the kind of investor who makes money on (sub)mediocre companies and would rather pay extra for quality sometimes. Overall, I've cut the farm down quite a bit, as it currently falls into the "too complicated" box ;) to everyone holding, I wish you all patience.

Thanks :), I have a small position so I'll see how it goes.

So far, I'm just still holding quite a large amount... That's why I don't get into shopping too much.

I get it👍😁

I shopped yesterday as well so $PYPL+2.0% and $BABA+2.6% at good prices for me so I had to bid there. :) I'm still waiting for $STLA+1.5% to drop a bit when I was hesitating at 19usd... :/

Great, I'll take a look at BABA stock and possibly create a smaller position.