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🗓️Přehled for the coming week!

Here I've selected the highlights that await us in the week ahead.

🔍 Monday:Oracle 's results kick off the week $ORCL We'll find out how the tech giant fared.

📈 Tuesday: US inflation for February - Expected to rise by 0,4 % 4.4 percent growth 0,3 % in January. The year-on-year pace is expected to remain at 3,1 %. What changes might occur in the market in response to the inflation data?

Wednesday: We don 't have anything interesting happening on Wednesday, except for company results, where I will be most interested in the results of Ui Path $PATH-5.9%.

📊 Thursday: US PPI inflation, Retail Sales a Initial Jobless Claims - A very interesting day with key economic indicators! 📈💼

I will bemost interested in the results for companies like Canadian Solar $CSIQ and Adobe $ADBE.

🏭 Friday: NY Fed manufacturing survey. We'll find out how the manufacturing sector is doing and what the outlook is for the future. Consumer Sentiment - This indicator can reveal how people feel about the economic environment.

What will you be interested in and what results are you waiting for?

Great thanks for the review. I'll probably be most interested in Tuesday and Thursday $ADBE-0.8%.

I do thanks for the comment! It's going to be wild tomorrow.

Absolutely. Do you know what time it's supposed to be?

@billcombs At 8:30am local time, so around 1:30pm here.

I'm going to be looking at market sentiment in general, and inflation in particular on Tuesday, because I'm going to be wondering whether to take some profits or let it go, because there were quite a few declines in stocks like Nvidia and others on Friday.

This week will be very volatile. I don't even think we might have the inflation and stocks will be on a teeter-totter. Where the market will move I dare not predict. I've been holding a short on $TSLA-5.6% since last week with expiration this Friday, so we'll see how that plays out.

Jj I agree with you and shortik on Tesla, a bold move but it makes sense the way it is forced to lower still its car price in china. So you'll see, let me know then or maybe I'll see you in Most if you're going too. 😊

@mondaydayton Sure, see you in Most. The position's open till Friday, so let's discuss it.

@mondaydayton So Tesla worked very well. Target 165 hit. 284% appreciation since last Thursday :)

I've also considered collecting profits on some titles, so we'll see!

I did take a profit on Nvidia as it has now dropped and I will be watching it because I think it will go back up and well over a thousand dollars, but the long term is expensive for me so I am just trying to speculate on trades there.

@mondaydayton Nice work, unfortunately I missed Nvidia...

@wise_investor Thank you, well I didn't take much on it, something around 50$. And now I don't have it again as it dropped, but I'm wondering if it's going to jump again, but I don't know why, more now I'm feeling some kind of correction so I'm still waiting, I need to load more now because I'm a bit surprised that if I quickly noticed, CPI hit 3.2, which is worse, it was expected 3.1 right? ..and so I would have expected some sort of drop but it hasn't and it hasn't ...

@mondaydayton Looks like a slight decline has come today, but I also expected a worse reaction to the inflation data yesterday.

@wise_investor It is, but I don't think it was a big deal and in my opinion, at least on some titles we'll go up again. I reopened my position on Nvidia today. Speculation, not on the long term. But on Friday we saw a nice drop, then it dropped some more, then it was candle up again back and today even though it started the day lower, after the trading day the price went up again. No news, as a fundamental I didn't see a negative on it so I took a chance and opened a position again at $900 and would like to close as it gets to $1k, I believe it will look there. 😊

@mondaydayton Nice work, I thought I might try some "trade" too.

@wise_investor Thanks. 🙏 ... you'll see, I don't want to give advice, so you know, investment recommendations are not good to give, but if you have something you can afford to play with and you're tempted to try it, why not. It's a learning experience. 😊

@mondaydayton Exactly as you say, no one has all the wisdom in the world, so you learn something!

I am very curious about oracle and Adobe!

Me too, they're already among the last ones who haven't announced their results yet.

Especially because of that:)