S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,070.55 +1.20%
Nvidia NVDA $824.18 +3.65%
Meta META $495.78 +2.92%
Tesla TSLA $144.61 +1.80%
Microsoft MSFT $407.06 +1.52%
Amazon AMZN $179.52 +1.29%
Alphabet GOOG $159.92 +1.25%
Apple AAPL $166.82 +0.59%

I've already bought a little and if it drops any more significantly I'll overbuy. It's definitely not going to zero. Yes the company has some issues and challenges, but the potential is still there and I believe Tesla will shake it off and the stock will start to rise again in some time😁

I believe it too, as I wrote, I'll wait for more to come out, even if I'm not a fan, the company certainly won't go to zero.


So I read something about the unboxing process. In short, forget the production line that Henry Ford invented. It's as much history as the internal combustion engine it was invented for. Tesla👍🏄

I certainly disagree that the internal combustion engine is history. But somehow I still trust that company, even if I certainly don't count myself among its fans. :)

He certainly doesn't deserve the multiple he has. The EV market is not infinite, high inventories will push margins. At something like $110, I'll be thinking about it.

Thanks for the comment, I personally see it pretty much the same way and will consider entering a bit earlier, around 120 usd.

Tesla was 🚀 and maybe still will be🤞unless Musk goes crazy. I like it and have made a nice profit on it already, while never overbought with still holding the same number of shares. Thanks to the splits. I expect to sell again after the next split. If it happens. But I want that base number of shares preferably forever. 💯

I also realized and profit in the past years, but I have already closed the whole position, but right now the price seems much more acceptable and I am toying with the idea of re-entering. Otherwise for me great strategy cos you wrote out and thanks a lot for the comment!