S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,308.13 +0.09%
Nvidia NVDA $947.80 +2.49%
Tesla TSLA $174.95 -1.41%
Microsoft MSFT $425.34 +1.22%
Alphabet GOOG $178.46 +0.66%
Meta META $468.84 -0.65%
Amazon AMZN $183.54 -0.63%
Apple AAPL $191.04 +0.62%

How do you see Tesla in the future?

Tesla hasn't had good results at all, but Musk is planning a lot of things and I personally still see potential there and I think it has room to grow. I bought shares of $TSLA-1.4% a while ago and may buy back in.



$174.95 -$2.51 -1.41%
Target Price
286.71 (+63.88% Upside)

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This is how I see it... :) The question of what will be... https://www.tradingview.com/x/BMhUXVgj/

Nice, so technically it could break 220 in a month or so, but what if it breaks 250 in early May? Is that a good question? 😉

It doesn't take so much into account what a weekly date there's can always be a stretch, or vice versa. Rather, what's going on there is that top trend line that has been dragging Tesla down since 2021/2022 which if it breaks and bounces back testing, it's quite possible we won't see any more 100s and the way is open for more resistance on the upside. :)

@aldenyap thanks for the clarification👍

@cliffordbarclay Well the red one shouldn't be there that's my purchase :D But otherwise you're welcome, of course there are many things to take into account I never say that only TA in the chart is something to follow especially with Tesla it's extra through Musk, but honestly the 145-200 move is to be expected. :)

@aldenyap So if you've determined the buy from one point in 2020 and another in 2023 as I see on the chart, that's power a🤞

@cliffordbarclay Trending,support,volume profile... You can only say two points but those two points are pretty strong points... Corona plus Tesla's first big correction... :)

So Musk said some time ago that the new way of production will "scramble people's brains". In that case the target price is 300, quite realistic and even 500 is quite conservative. (although on the other hand 100 too) Hey guys look at analysts expectations sometimes. They are only looking a max year ahead but they are not completely off (even if the variance looks wild) after all it is their job and they simply have competencies that few of us probably have.

It's definitely nice to look at it, but not to act on it.

Sure, I agree, I just couldn't reconcile the views above that imply that analysts are failed brillards who don't even have a handle on the S&P. BTW, the specific formula Tipranks uses is not public. But I've found elsewhere that for analysts, hold has less weight in the ratings and they try to be accurate especially in the changes, it makes sense because they just don't have the capacity to cover everything and so hold is, perhaps unjustifiably, the most common. By contrast, the S&P yield is only a hold. It really doesn't compare. This is my take on analyst success rates. Well, to respond to the claim that a case where different inputs have different weights cannot be compared to a case where only one of those inputs has a 100% weight - but they analyze all inputs - is just off. So much for clarifying the dispute from my point of view🏄

@cliffordbarclay I agree with most of this and thanks for the opinion, it's really a lot about the analytics. Someone might have a bad experience with it, thankfully I haven't yet and sometimes I look at something and it makes sense and if not I look at some of its history and other predictions.

As I look at the premarket, Tesla is solidly up over 5%. You're going to have a nice appreciation there quickly😁

Well honestly I prefer not to look at that Tesla as I have it on longterm🤣

Long term holding is best👍And now it's growing, so you might as well take a look😁