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Hey investors, have a nice Sunday.

This week 8.5 - 12.5 we had some interesting companies reporting their quarterly results.

For my part, I can say that I was pleasantly surprised by $WMT+1.0%, whose results nicely exceeded expectations. I don't own shares of $WMT+1.0% yet, but I would like to buy a few shares, but the share price would have to come down.

I was also a little disappointed with the results of $HD-1.0% and $BABA-3.5%.

Then this week we have results from a few interesting companies like $ZM-1.7%, $NVDA+3.6% and $MDT+1.7%.

How are you looking at the company results from this week and what company results are you looking for next week?

Alternatively, you can post if you have overbought any stocks.

I would appreciate the following week if I understood trading. All the attention on Nvidia, I'm not getting anything out of it. 😁

I'm curious to see how the PSE situation plays out, I'd like to see Komercka a bit lower to buy.

I'm the same way :) I don't understand trading either, so next week it probably won't be as attractive to me as it is to traders.

Those quiet weeks are fine in their own way, too. At least it's time to look for new opportunities. 😊

This week hasn't been so wild, but that could change quickly in the week ahead. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on $NVDA+3.6%, which has had some really significant growth. I'm really curious to see if the results will stop it or kick it up even more. It will 100% be interesting to watch from a trading perspective.

I also plan to follow $NVDA+3.6%. I'm also wondering if the price will stay or rise.

I'm going to try a crystal ball and guess that the results will not meet market expectations and the stock will drop by double digits;)