Summary of the G7 Summit in Japan.

The G-7 have signalled to Russia that they are ready to support Ukraine and help it repel a Russian invasion.

They issued a message of distrust of China as a trading partner and stressed their commitment to help Ukraine.

G-7 leaders in Hiroshima discussed the response to the Ukrainian conflict, which has been ongoing for several months.

They considered the possibility of joint training programs for Ukrainian pilots on U.S. F-16 aircraft.

President Zelensky had a chance to enlist the support of Brazil and India.

Russia claimed to have captured the eastern Ukrainian town of Bakhmut after a months-long siege.

President Biden announced a $375 million extension of military aid to Ukraine.

They sent a signal of distrust toward China and planned to protect sensitive technology and trade with it.

They affirmed the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and expressed opposition to Chinese military exercises.

President Biden met with the leaders of Japan and South Korea to discuss military interoperability and economic pressure from China.

Biden also addressed the issue of the US debt ceiling and requested a telephone conversation with the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Here we have the US debt and this conflict. What is your view at all, because it has been around for a long time and, together with the intersection that is only being delayed in the US, this is not likely to go away.

An end to this war will be good for those suffering and the world economy. Peace is a win-win.

like personally no one asks the question that usa wherever it puts its nose there destabilizes the whole country :/ iraq afghanistan etc... there are just countries where you can't force democracy and the same bases and other things that the world is littered with from the usa holt what is happening in Ukraine is just a continuation of a long run of problems that are already dragging on .... (I'm not defending Russia) but it's funny how everyone condemns Russia but no one ever condemns the usa :D

I agree! I've been thinking of writing something on this topic here, but again, I'm thinking this probably doesn't concern the jerk much anymore, or it does, but remotely, and I also think it's up for a big debate. I personally am somewhere in between. I like the west, be it because of the open borders (freedom to travel), democracy (though what are we going to do, there are rules and restrictions everywhere), the ability to do business. On the other hand, some things annoy me, like the big welfare for "everyone" (just supporting people who don't want to work), I'll be tough, but I'd rather build new prisons and put more on the guards so they don't have havai but work there, rather than giving welfare to non-workers over and over again, fixing up the housing units after they've trashed the place. Etc... And as for the war, honestly, I'd say Ukraine is more unstable. There's been unrest on the border for a long time and as you say, the US and everywhere sucks to spark conflict. They can do then that actually they are the poor ones or the bread winners, but at the same time it's just business because it doesn't hurt them to not have a war on their territory. I mean, they have Alaska, so why don't they make war there if they want to? ... I don't blame Russia, I can see what the US would say if Putin started building bases in Cuba for example. Or Mexico. He clearly told the US, don't build bases on our borders. And I don't see anything wrong with that from Russia. If your disputatious neighbor started arming himself in front of your house, you probably wouldn't sit still and wait either. ... Well, now I may have stirred the pot. Anyway, war is an abomination but it is always there and always will be on some level because man is a discontented creature who craves power and will not settle for what he has. I'm rather annoyed by the exaggerated solidarity about Ukraine because, as I say, it's not just as we see in the media, if they wanted to, it's not there, but they solve their disputes elsewhere and in a different way ...

Hey, Ukraine had repercussions for maybe the first six months

I hope the Russian war ends as soon as possible. I'm sure we all remember that it was supposed to be a matter of weeks or months... As long as China doesn't get a taste of Taiwan yet....

Well, that's what's bubbling up between them, too.

I wonder if India will join the G7 in the future. That would be nice.

It does, so it could help her a lot in her development, on the other hand, I'm a fan of those who can maintain their impartiality and "grow up" on their own.

I understand. But building an alliance with India is key.

I really hope this conflict doesn't drag on until the end of the days of Russia's aggressor-in-chief. That could be a few more years...