S&P 500 ^GSPC
Nvidia NVDA
Tesla TSLA
Amazon AMZN
Apple AAPL
Alphabet GOOG
Microsoft MSFT

I haven't sold anything in years but have been buying $AAPL-0.6%:)

Interesting. I also hold and like this company, I was thinking of buying it but the price, I would spoil my average but that's not the way a brother goes vid, in 10 years it may be another hundred percent more maybe. 😊

I agree, the price is high right now and I wouldn't buy now either.

Now it's a massacre... I wouldn't buy now either... they are only 7$ from ATH... but then again I don't expect any big sales at Apple... it would have to be something in the world again... :)

I was also buying $AAPL-0.6%, but at a price of around $130.

That was a very nice price :)

I used to sell $GOOGL+0.5% too, and I bought practically nothing

$MMM+0.7% under $100 was the obvious choice for me. I'm not adjusting the other positions much yet. It's been rising nicely the last few weeks...

At the broker where I invest, the analysts' outlook is pretty miserable. I hope they are nice though, because it would be a shame, they have a nice dividend too.

These lawsuits are somehow escalating and dragging on, but I believe they will get out of it. Like I said, I don't think they're gonna go away overnight. My position remains, and I may even be buying in.

As I wrote, I've also been shopping $MMM+0.7% and hope there is still some discount coming on this stock.

👍 I'll be watching and if there's still a discount, I'll buy it too.

Last time I bought $TSN+1.2% - simplistically it seems undervalued to me. I sold $GOOGL+0.5% because I think a correction is coming.

I understand, I'm not very familiar with $TSN+1.2%, but I'll definitely check out the company again.

Interesting moves. Do you think $GOOGL+0.5% has nowhere else to grow? Otherwise I've only been buying $PYPL+0.1% and watching $SBUX+1.6% which has gotten below $100 so if it dips any further I'll consider buying.

Okay, thanks for the answer. I definitely don't think $GOOGL+0.5% has nowhere to grow. I see so much potential for growth. I only sold off the minimum to realize a small profit :)

Ok great thanks I understand profit is good to take, did you buy something you believe in a lot for it? 😊