S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,235.48 -0.60%
Nvidia NVDA $1,105.58 -3.72%
Microsoft MSFT $414.67 -3.38%
Alphabet GOOG $173.56 -2.16%
Meta META $467.05 -1.54%
Amazon AMZN $179.32 -1.48%
Tesla TSLA $178.79 +1.48%
Apple AAPL $191.29 +0.53%

I see a lot of investors focusing on small-cap companies. I'm sure many are unfairly overlooked and therefore undervalued. But then isn't the lack of available information a problem? After all, there is a lot of information about larger companies everywhere. I wonder the same thing about companies from "exotic" countries.
I would not like to invest purely on the basis of economic results. I would like to know something about the companies in the whole context.

How do you solve this?

Sometimes I also grope as you say, I follow those well known foreign sites like yaho finance, cnbc, marketwatch, tradingview. But as you say, it's harder with small-cap and also in terms of broker. Sometimes even the broker doesn't have them listed.

With small-cap companies, I often have trouble finding enough information. It's probably a little bit about some know how, how to find that information and where. However, I usually let it go and prefer not to get into it.

I'll join you and leave it to others... The know-how I'm lacking for now. 😁

I'm the same way😁

He who seeks, shall find. There is a lot of information on TradingView alone.

You can get most of the information you need from a company's website, their SEC filings, annual reports, and rating agencies. Before the internet, looking for information at Moody's was the real detective work;)

This is the first I've heard of Moody's, probably fortunately. 😁

So there may be a fear of the lack of information. If a company has good numbers but you don't really know what its business is and nobody knows anything about it, you don't put money there either.

I would like to eliminate this fear by having the information. I guess it's the way it's supposed to be, that these companies are for the more diligent investors who do a thorough, painstaking search for information.

I agree, searching for this information is probably already for the more diligent investors.

Also, does it depend on exactly what kind of information you need? You can find such basic numbers, parameters and news for every company. For the small companies that don't get written about much, it's a good idea to find someone you know who is invested in or researching the company and see what they come up with.

For example, I like to watch videos from different authors on a given topic, but these are rather the exception with such companies. Furthermore, for example, the articles of foreign companies tend to be in other languages. The information simply does not reach me that easily. I guess it's a lot more work, but it can bring more profits. Not to mention micro-cap companies.