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Meta Platforms on Thursday unveiled WhatsApp's so-called "channels," a feature the social media giant says will help turn the app into a "private broadcast messaging product."



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Users in Colombia and Singapore will be the first to get access to the channels. Meta will expand the tool's availability to users in other countries in the coming months, it said.

The company said users will be able to see content about their hobbies, sports teams, updates from local officials and more.

Good move for me, WhatsApp can be continuously improved and most importantly monetized 👌

As @nikgab wrote, it probably won't bring them any extra big money, but the news is great and I'm glad they're doing other things.

Nice report. I have Meta in a nice profit in my portfolio and will keep on keeping on. I like that he's finally pulled his head out of just the VR thing and things are happening elsewhere. I use WhatsApp daily so I'm curious. 😊

I don't really like Meta, I don't like their strategy and how they use their resources.

Look, if they're not in debt because of it, let them do with the money as they please. The company is based on their decisions, so as an investor, you have to trust them if you have a position there.

It's probably not something that will bring them a fortune, but it's good that they are working on and on with WhatsApp, there is a lot of untapped potential there.

I'm not even saying that, I'm just glad for the news.

Monetizing WhatsApp would be a lot of gamechanging. This is probably not, but a good move.

Probably not, it's more likely to be a gamechanger the ability to make purchases through the app.

Which is part of monetization.