S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,307.62 +0.05%
Nvidia NVDA $1,147.71 +7.80%
Tesla TSLA $176.45 -1.56%
Alphabet GOOG $177.56 +0.70%
Amazon AMZN $181.63 +0.49%
Apple AAPL $190.82 +0.44%
Microsoft MSFT $429.25 -0.21%
Meta META $477.88 -0.07%

AI! The most talked about topic in the investment world lately. We had a crazy tech rally during covid. When the pandemic ended, inflation and interest rates rose and the tech. mega rally was extinguished.

Now we have a new rally!
ChatGPT has left investors feeling exuberant. And a new rally is in full swing as all sorts of future AI opportunities are priced in.
That's why I've singled out 20 stocks from the S&P 500 whose recent fortunes seem to be linked to AI. whether more. or less, here are examples of how some companies are using AI:

Alphabet($GOOG+0.7% ): Alphabet: has invested heavily in AI, with Google's AI powering products like Google Search and Google Assistant.

Amazon.com($AMZN+0.5% ): Amazon uses AI in its recommendation engines, its Alexa voice assistant, and in the operation of its AWS services like SageMaker for AI and ML.

Apple($AAPL+0.4%): uses AI in its Siri voice assistant, facial recognition, and predictive text functions.

Applied Materials($AMAT+1.0%): uses AI for process control and yield prediction in semiconductor manufacturing.

Autodesk($ADSK-2.0%): Autodesk: uses AI in its software for tasks such as design automation and predictive preview of project documents for designers/architects.

Cisco Systems($CSCO-0.2%): uses AI to enhance cybersecurity, network operations, and predictive analytics.

Salesforce.com($CRM-1.3% ): Salesforce: uses AI in its customer relationship management software.

Meta($META+0.1% ):uses AI to moderate content, target advertising, and enhance social VR experiences.

HP($HPQ+1.4%) uses AI to manage print services and predictive maintenance of its hardware.

Intel($INTC+1.4% ): provides AI-optimized hardware for AI workloads and develops AI technologies through its Mobileye subsidiary.

Microsoft($MSFT-0.2%): is involved in the production and distribution of AI, e.g.: has a broad AI strategy, including its Azure AI platform and AI applications in Office 365 and Dynamics 365.

Nvidia($NVDA+7.8%): is a leading provider of GPU hardware, which is key to AI computing, and also develops AI software platforms.

Oracle($ORCL+1.0%): integrates AI into its suite of cloud applications and database services for tasks such as automation and analytics.

AMD($AMD+4.6%): Provides high-performance computers and GPUs that are integral to AI computing and machine learning tasks.

Tesla($TSLA-1.6% ): Tesla uses AI extensively in the development of self-driving car technology and manufacturing automation.

Texas Instruments($TXN+0.4%): integrates AI into its semiconductor technologies, particularly in edge AI applications.

Boeing($BA-0.3%): uses AI in areas such as autonomous flight, predictive maintenance, and manufacturing processes.

The Walt Disney Company($DIS+0.5%): uses AI in areas such as content recommendation, animation, and improving customer experience.

The Visa Company($V-1.3% ): uses AI to improve fraud detection and risk management, enhance customer experience, and provide data insights across its payment network.

Nicely summed up and I'll join the Applaks here 😂 I also think they'll come up with something later when it's a blast

Agreed, I'm looking forward to it too.

AI is and will be absolutely everywhere. It's just that we'll probably see more gadgets from Apple, they haven't come up with anything extra compared to the competition yet.

I'm also waiting to see what he comes up with... either way, it's gonna be big. $AAPL+0.4% is not known for its small steps...

If they really manage to dominate this market, it will be really impossible for other companies to surpass it in any way

Sure, Apple will kick our whole market over again with what they do with AI.

We'll see :)