S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,295.55 -0.17%
Nvidia NVDA $1,140.45 +7.12%
Tesla TSLA $176.48 -1.54%
Alphabet GOOG $177.45 +0.64%
Amazon AMZN $181.68 +0.52%
Microsoft MSFT $428.98 -0.27%
Meta META $477.00 -0.26%
Apple AAPL $189.57 -0.22%

I've been adding more recently, but only a little to dilute it. Now I'm waiting too because as you say as long as rates keep going up, it's just bad for the reit industry there's probably still room for a fall. Otherwise $O-0.9% is such a classic I have and it will definitely be the biggest position still in that sector for me. And then $WPC-1.1% I also have and I'll be adding there too, but I'm watching for now.

I'm just watching for now, but I'm thinking of including $O-0.9% in my portfolio since it's currently at a pretty nice price point.

There, it bothers me a little that I would have to pay a premium, otherwise it is without a doubt a great company.

I added $O-0.9%. But I don't like the situation in the US real estate market at all, commercial property occupancy has been falling over the year, as for conventional houses, prices are falling there, but the statistics show that people with mortgages have been getting progressively worse off over the last few months.

And as a bit of trivia, Pacific Investment Management recently defaulted on $1.7 billion of office mortgages in major US cities. Everyone has to make up their own mind about the state of the real estate market, but I don't see it very optimistic. I'm going DCA though, so I'm ready for anything.

DCA sounds reasonable at the moment. Those office REITs are already having a hard enough time and it's going to get worse, I'd rather avoid them for now, or at least a REIT with low office exposure, like $WPC-1.1% they have 17%, that's bearable. $O-0.9% is doing better.

Now I am not buying and just watching how the real estate market will be.

Soon it will all start to be rendered - we'll see.