$SOFI+4.4% was up in pre-market thanks to another great quarter.
They posted a loss of 6 cents per share, which was 1 cent less than expected. Revenues also beat expectations.

What is key, however, is the increase in FY2023 guidance EBITDA to $333-$343 million from the previous $268-$288 million and a 44% year-over-year increase in users. Personal loans also grew in a big way (+51% yoy). Nice numbers.

That 15%+ short interest could hurt some. Shorting is why the stock didn't rise as much as we would have expected in the pre-market. The share price is very volatile.

This slipped through my fingers again, literally.... :(

Maybe after some correction it wouldn't be too late, but I understand that he doesn't want to jump in now.

Well, not exactly now... :)

Nice work guys who all still hold. I have already collected a profit here for the first time as it came to less than 10$ where I had a purchase of around 6$. I should have been more patient and left it till now, the business is probably good but I'm still scared of this one, the loans ... well it's not a big bank after all but hopefully we don't have to expect crashes anymore. Seeing this, it's tempting to jump in again, but at this price anymore ...I don't know, what do you think?

Still, it was a very nice deal. I personally wouldn't worry about SoFi going bust at all. The upside is great in every way and once it flips from a loss to at least even, it's going to be a blast. I sold everything today and will jump back in at some, say $9? Specifically at something like $8.5 is strong support, maybe that would work too. 😉 But that's just my idea, I could be totally wrong...

I'm looking at it now and yep the support is around that 9$. Well like if the price looks there and there's no bad news yet, I'd probably consider speculatively buying a little something too. But I keep thinking, after all, their business is loans and that's pretty thin ice unless there's a strong bank behind it which I understand this isn't like a traditional bank right? 😊

With today's surge I sold some of the stock, had a nice 130% gain there as we talked about it. However, I continue to hold most of it and will for a long time. What about you, what do you do after a rise like that? I was going to try some options for today, but I don't really know what or where yet. Too bad...would have taken a nice profit with today's surge.

I thought of that too, and I failed at not being able to do it. 😁 Oh the laziness.

We are in a similar position, I would need a detailed demonstration of where to shop and what to set up properly.

I overpriced it a bit when I was shopping at $14, but I stayed and lowered the price as much as I could. After this year, I'm at something like 60%+ and intend to keep going.

Nice gain. Pretty soon even that $14 will seem like a nice buy.

I have it too, I just sold some of the stock at a 130% gain. I'm keeping the rest for now and will continue to hold.

Tough decision, but in the end I sold everything and am waiting for a correction, which should hopefully come at least a little.