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Does it ever happen to you that you have a company in your sights, it underperforms, some bad news comes out and the share price doesn't budge? 🤐 I do in the case of Boeing $BA+0.8%, which I would love to have in my portfolio but the bad environment and conditions apparently don't bother them at all.

$171.54 $1.31 +0.77%
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Boeing's second-quarter revenue jumped 18% from a year earlier to $19.75 billion, but the company still posted a net loss of $149 million, or 25 cents per share. Adjusted loss per share then didn't even reach analysts' estimates.

The other bad news is the uncertainty about the future, with Boening having to push to reduce debt, but at the same time having to have enough resources to keep up the pace of innovation with rival Airbus.

And finally, Boeing delivered fewer planes in July than its European rival Airbus because the U.S. plane maker. Boeing said it delivered 43 planes in July, down from the 60 it delivered in June and more than 20 fewer planes than the 65 planes Airbus delivered last month.

What does the stock say? Virtually nothing...

It happens to me sometimes too and I would love for the stock to go lower, but as you write nothing happens. I would also like to include $BA+0.8% stock in my portfolio, however the stock is currently high.

I'm glad I took Boeing in May 2022 at $124 and as of today it's in profit with 92%. Unfortunately there hasn't been an opportunity to re-purchase since then. 😔

Investors were pleased with the results. But the stock still hasn't even come close to the coveted prices. Admittedly, the company is not doing so badly anymore, mainly because it makes parts for other companies. I still don't want to get into it...

Boeing has big goals, but it's hard to say if it will meet them. To achieve the 2025/2026 goals, Boeing will need to make significant improvements in the defense, space and security (BDS) segment. It's hard to say if they'll be able to do that now that they're dealing with poor deliveries and I think repairs of some units (they had problems with fuselages I think).