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The $TSLA-2.0% has seen a rather nice decline since touching the $300 mark. And that makes me wonder if I should start increasing my position in this stock. Sure, the current price tag is still higher than my average, but I don't think Tesla will look much below that average anymore. How do you see Tesla right now? Is this price point a good buy for you?



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I definitely wouldn't shop now. If the price drops to $150, I'd probably think about buying.

I understand ;)

So the theory says that high volatility can only be beaten in the long run by DCA. Arguments for a decline. Musk will do something. FSD will cause a mass casualty, big investors will notice the fair price of Bulios😂, the whole market will go down significantly. Arguments for the upside. Mexico model2, recalculate the importance of energy division, deploy Optimus on production lines, the whole market will go up significantly. Argument with uncertain interpretation. Another significant price reduction. So you can choose. My opinion - after the unveiling of the Mexico production, it will go above 300 at least. Until then doby🤷‍♂️ maybe DCA for whoever wants to get on board.

Just an opinion, no recommendation 😂

Yep, I agree with you there, you summed it up nicely ;)

I bought it when I started investing at about $220. Luckily I landed it for a pretty decent profit, but I wouldn't do it again. I'd like to see at least some $150, more like $130.

That would be a nice price, I'd buy in bulk with you.

I had it before, when it was still down a lot and then sold it at some profit, even before it reached $200. I like Musk, but he's very volatile, plus not only traders, but even he himself seems to me that he can move the price a lot because he's just the richest guy and it's evident in crypto. He buys, he sells and how the price reacts to that. That's why I left it because I don't follow it all, but like looking under $200 I'd be tempted to buy. I thought we were going to go there already, but nice run up again yesterday, can't even tell what it was. There's a symposium at the end of the week where Powell is speaking and I kind of think that'll knock the market down enough again and then the price could go lower.

Volatility does occur in Tesla to a significant degree, but I don't mind it so much. And it's true that Musk can move the price a lot too, but that's something any CEO of his company can do, with cryptos it used to be a lot, but as far as BTC is concerned, I think Musk's influence there has waned a lot.

Yes, it's true that every ceo has that influence, but Musk, as you write, so yes before he had quite a bit of influence through the crypto. Now recently he's been selling some off again, so his position on that has diminished a lot. But as I wrote, I'm a fan of his, he's a formidable man, but I'll wait for a lower price to buy, if there ever will be a well ...😁

I still don't have it and I'm still not considering it :)

Maybe that day will come. ;)

Drop the Tesla to $100 and I'm in :-D