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Foot Locker $FL-0.7% results are pretty poor, I really didn't expect this. In addition, the company has suspended dividend payments, ostensibly to allow more flexibility for strategic investments. What do you think? Is FL in trouble or is this a buying opportunity?

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Hands off, and I'm going to avoid it with a wide arc. 😁

It's stupid to invest there now, the drop is decent, but the results are miserable.

I don't know them much either, I don't shop there either, rather what also dropped today is Nike under $100 and that might be worth considering.

It depends on what is the reason for the decline at Nike. They're not doing well this year, but somehow I haven't looked into it.

I haven't really researched it either, but it's a global brand that's not just going to go away I think, if you take just the shoes and the editions of them and how it's being handled, so for me, if it drops any further, I'll use that to buy.

All brands that don't target luxury and wealthy customers are suffering from this problem and failing now, Because high interest rates and a drop in real income just work on the average person and they stop buying new clothes as one of the first things. Or they buy cheaper knockoffs from a Vietnamese guy somewhere. The more stripes, the more Adidas :)

I don't know Foot locker as a stock, but I looked at it as a store when I wanted to place an order, after reading x negative reviews I was steering away from them. And then unfortunately, if I as a customer am put off or not interested in their product/service, I have no desire or motivation to look at a stock at all.

I've never shopped there in my life😀 It's not even that well known a company to me, but I know it was addressed here once, so I'm interested in opinions.

Yeah, I get it :D

After the results I've read in Flash news, I probably wouldn't buy it :D

Let's see, maybe they're really planning some investments. Then it might make sense. But at the moment, it's so much about watching, not investing.

But that may take some time. Currently, they posted a loss compared to the not so good but positive profits of last year.