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Nvidia NVDA
Tesla TSLA
Amazon AMZN
Microsoft MSFT
Alphabet GOOG
Apple AAPL

Investors, what stocks did you buy or sell this month?

I've been buying $MO-0.9% stock this month and this week on Monday I was overbought $CVS-1.6% stock as it dropped a few % again and got below the $70 level and then on Monday I was overbought $BAC-1.5% and $PFE-1.8% stock as they are also at a great price. As far as selling goes, I have sold off all shares of $MMM-2.0% at a profit during this month.

CVS CVS CVS :-D but obviously I should have bought Nvidia...

I buy CVS too often now :D. Of course, if I used to buy NVDA instead of CVS, I'd probably appreciate it more.

I put the boiler in CVS 🙂 and it's pretty much my portfolio so far 😁 but I trust them...

I also jumped into CVS last month and have been strengthening my position this week :)

Great, I'm upgrading my position quite often on CVS now :D

$BABA-4.8%, $KWEB-4.2%, $CVS-1.6%, $BATS and $PFE-1.8%. Just increasing their positions at great prices.

Great, I was also just increasing positions on super prices :D