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Meanwhile, since $NVDA-3.6% is shooting us up to the moon, how about taking a closer look at its competitor $AMD-5.1%? The latter isn't as priced and is even below its fair price according to Bulios indicators. How do you view this company? Can it ride the Nvidia-like wave over time?



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The question is whether AMD will keep the +-100 support or go a notch lower. Personally in terms of product I don't like AMD I have a graphics card and I have to say it's sometimes extreme those drivers for their cards. But 😂 from an investment point of view it's a good stock and I'll wait to see how it performs on trend plus support. 🙂

Driver woes? I don't have much personal experience with their products, I've always been more of an Intel guy and Nvidia cards. :D

It's interesting that they are under "fair price" :) Anyway, catching up with Nvidia won't be fun at all now...

Absolutely not. They've got work to do

Now someone had a nice status with their results and it doesn't look nice at all...

It's a great company, but we have to keep in mind that it is several times smaller than $NVDA-3.6% (at least in terms of market capitalization). Their processors are good, but I still prefer the ones from $INTC-1.7%.

You're right, and personally I'm an intel supporter too, but it seems to me that it's leaning more and more to the amd side, especially from a gamer perspective.

That's true, but I still think that the last series of intel processors proved that it's not a lost company and I think they are even a bit better than the ones from $AMD-5.1%. This needs to last them longer though. $AMD-5.1% is now fighting both $INTC-1.7% and $NVDA-3.6%.

I think and hope there will not be another $NVDA-3.6%. But this wish is naive, because Mr. Market will do as he pleases. 😁

You're right.

It's a pretty competitive well environment here, we'll see but also as Peter says, I think $NVDA-3.6% is kind of a flop and at these prices for me no longer investable, maybe on trade, it is. I'd like $AMD-5.1% to do that, but they'll have to come up with something $NVDA-3.6% doesn't have.

You're right, some extra "spice" would do them good.

She could have, but I think in terms of size, market capitalization, no one is going to bring down $NVDA-3.6% for a long time. Are you investing in any of them? ...I'm speculating now on a trade, some swing for a couple of days, I'll see today but that after that drop, which I think was due to profit taking, it could get back to that $500 ...

I don't think it's on a similar wave, it just has $NVDA-3.6%, of course I would welcome a similar increase in both $AMD-5.1% and $INTC-1.7%.

Probably not, it probably won't be that hot, but as an alternative to $NVDA-3.6% at a reasonable price... Deciding between the two, I'm clear.

Which would you choose $INTC-1.7% or $AMD-5.1%?