Novo Nordisk A/S is a Danish company that recently introduced a cure for obesity. Shares of $NVO+0.0% are up more than 20% in the past month and more than 40% this year. For me, the company is going in a good direction and the business is also great, as obesity is really affecting a lot of people at the moment and if the development of this drug goes as well in the future as it has been, the company will do even better. However, the stock is quite expensive at the moment and if I wanted to include this stock in my portfolio, I would buy below the $140 price.

How do you view this company and do you have $NVO+0.0% stock in your portfolio?

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The company is doing very well indeed. It's healthy and making solid amounts of money. The chart is logically consistent with that. But now I think it's way up and even though there's no major tooth on the chart, I'm not going to go for it.

I understand. I wouldn't shop now either.