S&P 500 ^GSPC
Nvidia NVDA
Amazon AMZN
Tesla TSLA
Apple AAPL
Microsoft MSFT
Alphabet GOOG

If I were to create a portfolio in the current situation, I would do an analysis of several companies. Then I would pick some stocks that I like and meet certain criteria ( some of the criteria have been written here in the comments ). Then I would calculate the intrinsic price of the stock and make a decision based on the fair price. But to answer the question :D. Currently I would focus more on the more stable and dividend stocks like $CVS-0.6%, $BTI+0.7%, $MO+0.9% and lately there are some pretty hammered REITs like $O+0.9%. Of course I would include some tech stocks in there too, like $GOOGL+0.7% and $AMZN-1.1%. For me, those two big tech stocks are still at a pretty nice price.

Thanks for the reply, yeah I would include the stable dividend ones too and I still like the big tech one too.

Cool, looking at it from a long term perspective I'd say GOOGL and AMZN are still at nice prices.

Agreeing with all the comments, I'm no guru, it's been a year in stock investing now in August, but still, I try to buy companies that I can find out what they do, if they have a competitive advantage in something maybe. And then keep it diversified, both big tech but also dividend stocks. 😊

Thanks a lot, I also try to understand the company I invest in first and understand what they actually do.

So, plus I'm still learning how to read reports and understand all the acronyms like P/E and so on. I believe that if one understands it accurately, I don't mean just the definition, then this might be enough to get an approximate price of a real company. Because calculating it all the time, I don't know if I'm wrong, but it seems to me it's stupid to look for the exact value when there are a lot of estimates, like margin of safty, or future growth, but nobody can know that ... that's why I want to understand the ratios. 😊

Above all, I would like to have quality companies there at a fair price that I know something about;)

As you write, the most important thing is to know and not be like me, who invested for the first time according to investment recommendations... 😅

But you always have to make that purchase somehow. For example, I personally have never bought a stock by screening and studying the company from the annual reports based on some values. My post was mainly about the fact that it is not a priority for me if and what kind of dividend the company pays.

For the long term I would definitely balance it classically. I would mix both technology, stable companies and dividend stocks. A couple of smaller asymmetric investments at the end.

Thanks for the feedback, I'm just wondering whether I should go with a dividend or a long term stable.

There's nothing to do :) I probably wouldn't be afraid to try both😉