This week I was looking at the shares of LVMH, a group that manufactures and sells luxury goods and has several well-known companies under it. The current share price doesn't look bad to me at all and the stock has been rising very nicely over the long term.
How do you feel about this company and do you have $MC.PA stock in your portfolio?

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+715.43% I came across this article a while ago which relates to my comment where I fear China is turning away from capitalism to somewhere it was a few decades back. With Xi trying to promote nationalism and national pride, one day the law may well be that it will basically mean "buy only Chinese products or we'll send you to jail".

Thanks for the opinion. It would make sense, and one would expect something like this from China. I don't have shares of $MC.PA and will have to think about it. But this is a pretty big risk for this company.

I think after the slump, there may be some more luxury sales, so I'm waiting. For now, still expensive for me.

Yeah, I get it. I'm also waiting for a better price.

Nice drop but according to fair ecny we are still above average price... so I would probably wait :)

Yeah, the price is still high :)

I don't have it in my portfolio, but the business is absolutely brilliant. In covid and less demand, the company has proven that there is always a demand for luxury goods.

I agree, I used to think companies like this couldn't work as the demand would be small. However, the opposite is true and more and more people are buying expensive and luxury goods.