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Comparable sales decreased by 8%. Analysts were expecting a 9.88% decline. The total number of stores fell 6.7% year-over-year to 2,607, while analysts were expecting 2,557.

Foot Locker also disclosed its intention to enter the Indian market in 2024 through a long-term licensing agreement with one of India's largest footwear retailers, Metro Brands Limited. Under the agreement, Metro Brands Limited will have the exclusive right to own and operate Foot Locker stores in India.

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Interesting news about India. Like in this sector I only follow $NKE-2.3% and it's kind of those shoes intertwined I guess? ...I've seen this company go down significantly now but it looks like they're going to hold their ground and with this going to market in India it could be a big boon for them and so as a potential I like it ...how do you see it? 😊

It may seem so since Footlocker's sales are mostly from (Nike+Jordan.) Anyway, this move is great for them since sneakers (even the collectible ones that foot locker offers.) can affect their sales quite significantly, so for me they are doing very well since the Indian market offers a lot of opportunities for them :)

Agreed that Indie is a blast and as you write about the collectors, I don't know about it, as shoes also wear those brands, but I once saw a podcast with a guy just describing and showing how nowadays there is even something like a shoe exchange with just those limiteds and there is interesting money in it, so it has a future, even though it's not for everyone. 😊