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Nvidia seeks to build AI ecosystem in Japan

Silicon Valley-based tech giant Nvidia Corp. has announced plans to collaborate with Japanese research organizations, companies and startups to build an artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem in Japan. By leveraging its expertise in manufacturing graphics chips, which are widely used for training AI services, Nvidia aims to meet the growing demand in Japan, which is seeking to take a leading position in this disruptive technology.

Nvidia's proposed AI ecosystem will include the construction of AI research labs and technology factories. The company also plans to inject investment into Japanese startups specializing in AI, in addition to launching initiatives to educate the public about the diverse applications of AI. The announcements were made by Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang during a meeting with Japanese Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura on Tuesday.

"Huang said, "We will build a network of AI factories here in Japan so that Japan can process society's data and create intelligence for society and for industry."



$795.18 $33.18 +4.35%

I wonder what exactly you mean by that. An AI factory, sounds like an absolute factory to me. Do they mean robots or what? There doesn't have to be a factory for the ai itself, there has to be an office.

It's rather poorly worded from the translation, meaning viz. building labs, offices, tech factories and investing in AI startups.

Yeah, that's right :)