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I know this company and have used its services for gaming, so I have to say I'll be very interested in this IPO.

It's a really big company in the gaming world, so that makes two of us.

I wonder how much of the company will go public when about 40% is held by Tencent;)

That honestly me too, do you have any tips?

So he about half is still owned by the founder and he might like to make an exit, so I would expect him to sell at least 1/4 and then we have Sony who probably won't want to let go of anything at all because of an aggressive MSFT. Tencent has been divesting some assets lately so it's possible they will distribute their stake as a dividend similar to what they did with JD or Meituan.

I don't really know how they are currently doing with their platform, but I haven't had a bad experience with it. What I'm wondering is if they are merely a 1 hit wonder with Fortnite, or if they have more to offer.

I'm not planning on buying, but I'll definitely be keeping an eye on the market price. Epic Games just demolished the video game market with Fortnite, this company is sure to find many fans and investors.

We see it the same way!