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Hello, investors. As you can see the stock of $INTC-0.1%, since the beginning of the year the stock price has increased by 90%. What do you think Intel's chances are in the market versus $AMD+2.0% or $NVDA+1.6%?



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I really like the investment in manufacturing, the new production line in Germany and Israel. Both developments are partially paid for by subsidies. The other positive news is the use of the latest AI chip in personal computers.

I bought the stock at $50 and gradually reduced my purchase, is there anyone with me who believes in this giant's return to the top of semiconductor manufacturing?

I think it has almost no chance against these companies. But Intel is a great and quality company.

Quality it certainly is, but if it's not competitive it sucks too.

That's right.

I don't see the odds being very high.

As Dusan writes, Intel is still supplying enough chips for new PCs and they will do well as a manufacturer too.

I don't think they have much of a chance