S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,054.65 -0.31%
Tesla TSLA $158.78 +9.75%
Nvidia NVDA $806.15 -2.19%
Amazon AMZN $176.52 -1.68%
Meta META $489.98 -1.23%
Apple AAPL $168.66 +1.06%
Alphabet GOOG $159.37 -0.34%
Microsoft MSFT $407.38 -0.05%

Shares of $CAT-0.4% are up over 20% this year, which is very respectable and I have to say I've grown quite fond of this stock. I have been buying shares of $CAT-0.4% around $240 and I am currently up about 20%+ on this stock.

What do you think of $CAT-0.4% stock?

$361.95 -$1.30 -0.36%

I must admit that I am surprised by the current award. I might consider adding it to my portfolio, it's such a nice dividend growth stock.

Exactly, the price is nice, but I would probably like to buy lower.

A great company that definitely has its place.

Exactly :)