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"Timeless Buffett: Why Apple's artificial intelligence stirred emotions in his portfolio and how you can profit from it"

Do Kwik
31. 12. 2023
2 min read

But Warren Buffett, known for his cautious approach to investing, is not rejecting new trends. He even notices and recognises the key role that innovation plays, including in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Despite his reserved attitude towards new developments, he has companies in his portfolio focused on the development and distribution of AI.

Among the companies in Berkshire Hathaway's portfolio that are dedicated to AI, one stands out - Apple $AAPL+0.9%. And there's a reason why this tech giant is particularly attractive to Buffett.

Buffett sometimes presents Apple as a consumer goods company, but the importance he places on artificial intelligence should not be overlooked. During a recent earnings call, CEO Tim Cook said the company is investing heavily in generative artificial intelligence. Nearly $1 billion a year is going into developing its own large-scale language model and testing a ChatGPT-style chatbot.

Innovation in chip design and its role in AI Apple is not only investing in AI, but also coming up with innovations in the design of its own chips. For example, the M3 chips in the latest Mac models have more working memory, which means more advanced AI processing. This makes the MacBook an ideal choice for AI developers.

Apple's future with AI Gaining a competitive advantage in AI is not just a trend, but a key factor for success. Apple is using AI to strengthen its position in the market. With an expanded platform and a growing business, it is poised to take advantage of AI in higher-margin consumer products and services.

Buffett's preference for Apple seems well founded. Although $AAPL+0.9% stock is trading near all-time highs, it is likely that we are only at the beginning of a period of growth that will be driven by AI.



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