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Export restrictions to China threaten ASML and chip industry

Jamie Cameron
3. 1. 2024
2 min read

ASML, a Dutch firm specialising in the production of advanced chips, recently ran into problems exporting its technology to China. This restriction, which came after changes in US rules, caused the company's share value to fall.

The Dutch government recently restricted ASML's ability to supply its lithography systems, key to chip manufacturing, to China. This came after new rules in the United States banned the export of advanced technology to China. ASML now faces restrictions that could affect the entire industry.

This situation comes at a time when technology companies are struggling to adapt to the new rules on technology exports. In its statement, ASML stressed that it has received further clarification on the scope and impact of the new rules in recent discussions with the US government.

Pressure from the US was not the only problem. Already in June, the Netherlands itself restricted exports of advanced chipmaking equipment. While it is not clear what exactly this restriction looks like, the Dutch government appears to be responding to global pressure in the technology industry.

ASML claims that the cancellation of the export licensedoes not have a significant impact on their financial prospects for 2024. However, the situation shows that the relationships between key players in the technology industry are becoming increasingly complex.

The news of the export restriction had an immediate impact on the value of $ASML-2.1% shares, which fell by around 5%. This situation could have far-reaching consequences for the global supply chain, which plays a key role in the production of technology products such as mobile phones and computers.



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