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Intel announces poor outlook for the first quarter, shares fall!🖥️

Shares of Intel $INTC plunged Friday to o 12 %after the company announced a miserable outlook for the first quarter 2024. While fourth-quarter results beat expectations, first-quarter forecasts aren't leaving investors in a good mood.



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The company expects earnings per share and revenue to decline in the first quarter, a stark contrast to analysts' expectations. A key factor is the decline in data center and artificial intelligence revenue, which is a challenge but also an opportunity for future growth.

I believe that the company's strategy Intel in the data center and AI space, including the upcoming accelerator Gaudi3has the potential to challenge the competition and gain market share. Despite the current slump in results, I believe that long-term growth in this segment can be the key to success.

The personal computer business remains a strong pillar for Inteland with PC sales expected to grow in 2024, this segment could be a key driver for the company.

Investors may also be pleased with the plan for a range of chips Core Ultra. With the integration of a neural processing unit (NPU), it brings artificial intelligence innovations directly to users' devices. While it is not yet clear how useful they will be, this innovation represents an interesting step forward.

At a time when Intel as it seeks to become a key player in AI, it is important to see how their on-board AI for consumers will evolve. The company has opened a new chip manufacturing plant and is investing in restructuring to restore its leadership position in the chip market.

What do you think of the company Intel? Could the stock be Intel be an interesting choice for 2024, or will they not surprise anyone this year? 🚀

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