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Meta shares rise 20% after announcement of first dividend

Jessie Ramsdale
2. 2. 2024
2 min read

There was a significant shift in the stock market on Friday, with Meta's shares posting an extraordinary 20% rise. This jump followed the announcement of the company's first dividend and a doubling of its quarterly earnings.

For the fourth quarter of last year, Meta recorded a 25% increase in revenue to 32.2 billion dollars compared to the previous year. This rapid growth is the result of a resurgent online advertising market and suggests the company's strong market position.

Investors were supportive of the decision of Meta's to issue a dividend, an unusual move in the technology sector. The decision was seen asa symbolic turnaround and an indicator of the company's stable development.

This decision signals Meta's maturity and also demonstrates the company's commitment to engage its shareholders in further growth.



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In addition to the dividend, investors' attention is also turning to Meta's advances in artificial intelligence. Company holds a stake in AI with a language model, a move to strengthen its advertising products and services.

"Mark Zuckerberg is showing he wants to bring shareholders with him, and emphasizes that Meta is now a mature, grown-up company."
Ben Barringer, technology analyst at Quilter Cheviot

The company has successfully reduced its costs and doubled its operating margin to 41%. These efficiency efforts have contributed to growing investor confidence and strengthening the company's market position.



$484.03 -$2.10 -0.43%
Target Price
281.78 (-41.78% Downside)

Despite losses in Meta's Reality Labs virtual reality business achieved revenues in excess of $1 billion, demonstrating the diversification of its portfolio of Meta's portfolio and its ability to generate revenue from multiple sources.

Overall ,$META+0.0%stock may be an interesting opportunity with prospects for stability and growth. The strategic decision to pay a dividend and the drive for efficiency show that Meta is heading in the right directionand is poised for further growth in the market.

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