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📉 Current market developments!

US stocks are down today, ahead ofNvidia's results 🚀 and with tensions ahead of theFederal Reserve minutes . TheS&P 500 index fell by 0,3 %, the Dow Jones lost 0,4 % and the tech Nasdaq Composite fell by 0,7 %.

The main news today will be the results of Nvidia, which is leading the way in artificial intelligence. Its shares on Tuesday recorded a 4% down 4% on Tuesday, the worst day since October 17th.. Expectations for fourth-quarter results are high and could affect the AI business and the entire tech market, which is surging on the AI wave .



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Investors are nervous about a possible disappointment in Nvidia's results , which is behind much of the recent gains in stock indexes. Shares of Palo Alto Networks $PANW-1.2%, which specializes in innovative and sophisticated solutions to protect companies from cyber threats, fell more than 25 % on lowered annual revenue forecasts, sparking concerns about a drop in spending in the technology sector.

Further developments are exciting, especially in anticipation of the Fedmeeting minutes . Recent data has sparked controversy about it, whether there will even be an interest rate cut in June!

What do you see happening in the markets, and what do you expect from Nvidia $NVDA-10.0%? 💼📊

It's a crazy money machine right now, I was scared of the drop so I didn't get in, but again I'm thinking about the trader, well as I write this, throw in $100 and we're up in one day. Congrats to whoever is holding or has done something on it. It's tempting, as I'm starting to believe that the 1k$ can do it, but entering now seems too late, what do you think? 😊

I wouldn't do it now, it's a big risk. I said the same thing at $500 and where are we today. Sometimes you don't know the market.

Agreed, I too have been at the $500 you said was too much and where I could be today. It's a big risk because it's just forming in my opinion a bubble like dot.com was only this one is smaller for now. I only went into the trader, daily and took about 35$, on long term it's a risk for me because who knows what correction could come there, I don't think it can keep performing like this.

Even if nvidia drops to 400 it will still be good for them and us... For her because the market will breathe a sigh of relief and gain that much more strength. So I'm positive even if nvidia sends the market down.