S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,266.95 -0.74%
Meta META $474.36 -1.16%
Nvidia NVDA $1,148.25 +0.81%
Alphabet GOOG $177.40 -0.35%
Tesla TSLA $176.19 -0.32%
Microsoft MSFT $429.17 -0.27%
Apple AAPL $190.29 +0.16%
Amazon AMZN $182.02 -0.07%

Pfizer $PFE-1.7%, Moderna $MRNA-3.4%, and Novavax $NVAX-2.6% are three major biotech companies that have also produced and are producing vaccines for Covid-19.

I only have $PFE-1.7%of this trio , which is currently the most losing position in my portfolio. When I see green on PFE, I'll start selling and put my money somewhere else. Overall, I don't see much stability or any long term growth in this area. The stock only goes up occasionally when a new drug comes out.

Do you have any of the stocks mentioned in your portfolio and if so, why?

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Already a minimal pfizer, but I intend to get rid of it :)

Great, so we have the same :D

:D Honestly, I'm not surprised.

I've finally gotten rid of the Pfizer too and sold it at an ugly loss. Cash moved to (hopefully) more promising companies.

Great, well I would like to sell at a profit, so we'll see no😂

I'll keep my fingers crossed. But I hope that if it grows any faster, I won't know. 😁

I have $MRNA-3.4% because as a lesson learned from covid I have evaluated the tremendous relevance for applying the technology https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Messenger_RNA

This really is the greatest medical discovery since the invention of penicillin. Who can capitalize on it and build a billion dollar company around it? I think Moderna has a decent chance.

I don't know much about Moderna. Are you in profit or loss now?

Currently minus 0.56% (97.1 average for the first two purchases and 10 more purchases planned before the end of the year)