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Investors, what is your current perception of Pfizer ?

I am currently -18%on $PFE+0.2%stock . My view doesn't change based on whether I'm + or -, but unfortunately I don't see as much potential here and I don't see any stability/certainty. If I get to + in this position, I will sell as soon as possible and put the money elsewhere.



$26.32 $0.06 +0.23%

I didn't like the outlook at all, so I evaluated moving my money elsewhere... It came in handy, too, as I wanted to whittle my portfolio down to 10-12 titles. I'm glad I don't have to deal with Pfizer anymore.

And I will probably avoid investing in pharma companies in the future, it's a complicated business for me.

Yeah, I'm starting to see it that way :D

I see, but I guess I'll wait for a while and then I'll see :D

They have lower EPS than before covid, that's why they cost what they cost. It's nice that they bought new companies, but it's not certain that there will be more revenue. They have a lot of drugs in development, and anyone who sees a little bit into it has some idea of what it takes to get a new drug to market, and how long their patent will last before generics throw a pitchfork into it.

Exactly, I see it exactly the same way. The developments and the process is exactly what bothers me and it's the reason I don't see any stability in it. There are a lot of drugs in development, but it's exactly as you write, a lot of these projects don't get to the end and only a few get done and then unfortunately that affects the stock.

So late last year I was considering buying a company involved in the further use of mRNA. Pfitzer was very much in play, pluses big, stable, dividend. Minus (for me) mRNA is only a small part in the breadth of their research (others of course may see it the other way around as an advantage) Conclusion a good company that will return just fine, gradually to pre-covid levels i.e. approx $39 after the reaction to the erasure of extraordinary covid earnings. But I don't see any extraordinary potential in it. OK it's for a Warren Buffett type investor but a Cathie Wood type opts for $MRNA+3.3% 🤞

Agreed, I see it very similarly.