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📈 Qualcomm presented its quarterly results yesterday! 💼

Qualcomm $QCOM is a global leader in mobile technology, known for its innovative chips and technologies for smartphones and other devices. Their cutting-edge products not only deliver superior performance, but also set new standards in artificial intelligence and connectivity.



$210.36 $8.60 +4.26%

In the fiscal second quarter, results exceeded Wall Streetexpectations , leading 10% share price growth.

🔍 Earnings per share: $2.44 vs. estimates USD 2.32

💰 Revenue: $9.4 billion after adjusting for expected USD 9.34 billion

📱 Qualcomm expects revenue growth in the range of 8.8 to 9.6 billion USD in the current quarter, above analysts' expectations. In addition, the company expects total handset sales to decline by a mid-single-digit percentage due to the seasonal phenomenon of a lack of new summer models on the market.

🚀 The company reported an increase in handset sales revenue of 1 %, indicating a recovery in the smartphone market after the post-Covid period. Strong demand for "smartphone with artificial intelligence" is particularly evident inChina, where sales from Chinese manufacturers increased by 40 %.

Qualcomm's automotive division also reported growth of 35 %which is an impressive figure, and further growth is expected in the coming quarters.

The company paid out $895 millionin dividends and repurchased $731 million worth of stock . In addition, it raised its quarterly dividend to 85 cents from the previous 80 cents. The stock currently offers a dividend yield of 1,88 %.

Qualcomm is a great player in mobile technology, chips and 5G. In particular, the strong performance the company is showing in all sectors is impeccable.



$210.36 $8.60 +4.26%
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What is your opinion of the company?

Company great and if the price dropped I would think about buying.

I'm thinking of buying one too, we'll see if the price moves anywhere, but I rather think it will go even higher.