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Enbridge Inc.: Steady growth and strong earnings

-Steady earnings growth: Enbridge $ENB-1.7% achieved record earnings for 2023 with a 6% increase over the previous year, confirming continued financial stability.

-Strategic Plan Execution: Thecompletion of the acquisition of The East Ohio Gas Company and the planned sale of non-core assets supports the company's long-term growth, while this strategic move strengthens Enbridge $ENB-1.7% as a key player in the energy sector.

-Expected Growth: $ENB-1.7% expects to achieve earnings growth of 7-9% per year through 2026 and 5% per year thereafter.

- Stable Dividend Yield: Enbridge $ENB-1.7% has increased its dividend payout for 29 consecutive years, a strong signal of stability and confidence in the future for investors. Stable dividends are an important element in total return for long-term investors.

-Expected Total Return: With cash flow per share expected to grow 3% in the near term and 5% in the medium term, Enbridge $ENB-1.7% can offer investors a 10-12% annual total return. This yield represents above-average performance, which may be an attractive opportunity for investors.

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