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Friends, how about combining somehow sport and investment ????

We have the traditional next World Cup.

And as a former hockey player and a person who is still involved in the sport, I wonder what companies in the stock market have a relationship with this industry?

I know being an athlete = doesn't mean you have to own this type of stock, but as Warren Buffett also says, invest where you understand or have a passion for it, so I wonder what all can be found in this sector? Certainly the representation they have good, as providers of sportswear and also attractive brands, are $NKE+0.0% $PUM.DE $ADS.DE.

What is your opinion on these brands? Alternatively, do you have any tips on companies that are publicly traded and involved in sports? :)

$NKE+0.0% is certainly an interesting company, just quite expensive.

I guess you can invest in some NHL hockey teams, like the New York Rangers, I think. 👍

Really? 😲 That sounds interesting, I'll try to find it, thanks

If you find anything, be sure to post it.

if sport, F1 has an impact on the stock no less nike addidas puma I don't think these brands should react to any action

Sure, it's more just the fashion nowadays and it doesn't have much influence anymore. I know that before at big events, mostly athletics, gymnastics and football had some of the mentioned advertising a lot and the athletes did marketing for them too, but nowadays it seems to me that as you say. Nothing. It's a shame, I would have liked some action reflecting sporting events.

I'm not really a sportsman, but I'd advise you to check out $LULU+0.0%. Quite a popular stock, but maybe it's a shot in the dark from me, I have no idea about the company except that they are into sportswear. 😁

Thanks for the tip, I'll take a look out of curiosity, nothing about this company rings a bell 😊

As an athlete, I was also interested in it and I came to the conclusion that there was nothing on the market that would interest me. Maybe Nike, but I consider that more fashion than sport.

Yes, as you say, there's not a lot of it and this is all rather fashion and I'd also like to see some technical and at the same time with a sports connection. 😊 Maybe something around the hockey thing ❤️🏒😂

The$NKE+0.0% is great for me, but currently too expensive for me to pick it back up again unfortunately. I don't think I'd go to another sports brand.

Agreed, I'd take it too but I'd like a price of just under $100 if I could buy it. 😊 I can still think of one ticker but for the life of me I can't remember the name or find it right now, they do everything around cycling.

A good friend of mine says that the quickest way to get 100% value for your investment is to bet odds of 2 on Sparta. But the truth is, it's insolvent :D

Good thing I'm not a Spartan. Anyway, I don't blame him. 😂😂🙈

Why not $UA+0.0%? :D It's not really a sports brand like adidas and nike but it definitely has its popularity too... :)

But honestly I wouldn't invest :D With the NIKE around 100$ it could be interesting but... :)

True I forgot about that one, but then again the price is small o versus the ones mentioned, so maybe just buy a few to try 😂