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Home Depot $HD+0.0%

This company reported its quarterly results today.

Home Depot is one of the largest retail companies in the construction industry. The company specializes in the sale of building materials, home supplies, or even garden equipment. It also helps with construction projects.

Results :

Sales : $37.3 billion

Earnings per share of $3.82

$371.89 $0.55 +0.15%
Capital Structure
Market Cap
Enterpr. Val.

However, sales were affected by customers buying cheaper items and not the more expensive and larger ones, such as garden furniture, and it was also due to worse weather.

How do you feel about this company and do you possibly own its stock?

Definitely an interesting stock, but priced a bit too much than I would have imagined.

I would also like to buy at a lower price.

Another option to add, the numbers aren't so bad that they threaten a big drop... I trust HD and I don't think it's completely at a bad price as feel free to mislead me, but to me the price comes out in a good zone as far as the chart is concerned... https://www.tradingview.com/x/oVnep9Tx/

The price is definitely already nice, but I'd be happy if it dropped a bit lower.

I'm not saying it can't, for me the price is ok and it's been sticking around a strong trending price since mid 2011 you could say ... :)

The$HD+0.0% for me is still a bit off on the covid hype, it's a good stock but to buy it would still need to go down in price 👍

I agree, I wouldn't shop around now either and wait for a better price.

I think it will get to pre-covid values, we just need to wait

I'm not saying it's exactly super cheap, but it's currently trading below the 5y average and covid shouldn't be factored in anymore as sales have been falling for several quarters. I'd see it as more of a real estate crash concern, but that could kick in with repairs to those older buildings if new ones don't materialize. https://www.macrotrends.net/stocks/charts/HD/home-depot/pe-ratio

I don't follow this company much so I don't know, but I'm looking now and it's over $4 minus, do you know why? ... now more companies maybe have good numbers, but because of the future outlook they're going down anyway

Here, the drop was more due to the drop in sales and overall worse results.