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At its annual Microsoft Build developer conference in Seattle on Tuesday, the company announced a series of AI updates to make both Bing and ChatGPT smarter, more intuitive, and potentially ubiquitous. Here are all the AI updates Microsoft announced at its developer conference:



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ChatGPT is being updated

Microsoft originally partnered with OpenAI to bring the viral chatbot tool ChatGPT to Bing, which helped revive interest in the search engine. Now, Microsoft is returning the favor by bringing Bing to ChatGPT. The integration promises to deepen the partnership between the two companies and potentially position them both to better use the service.

New plug-ins coming to Bing Chat

With the AI update to Bing earlier this year, Microsoft said the tool will not only provide a list of search results, but also answer questions, chat with users and generate content in response to user queries.

Second AI Co-pilot takes center stage

Microsoft is also expanding its AI "Co-pilot" to help edit, summarize, create and compare documents across Windows 11. The tool, which appears alongside apps, is designed to give people quick access to personalized answers and relevant suggestions.

Security and user protection

Microsoft said it is using new technology to help users determine whether images are generated by artificial intelligence based on information contained in their metadata.

Did any of you watch this conference? Was there anything else of interest? 🤔

I just keep reading about how they're working on Bing and people are starting to use it. I guess I'll have to take a bite and try it out. I'm tired of just hearing about it😁

AI should help with Microsoft profits. This is the most likely outcome for me.

I didn't follow the conference, but I like this news very much. Especially the Co-pilot one looks interesting, I can't wait for them to imply AI into MS Office. I'm attaching a link to a video where they introduce us to Co-pilot for me cool news. I bought $MSFT-0.7% on the dips so I've already made a nice profit, I'm definitely not going to sell the stock and will just keep buying on the dips. Link to video: https://youtu.be/FCfwc-NNo30

How do I see it? Every advance Microsoft makes with AI = an opportunity in the millions of dollars.

Overall, I like these announcements and they show that Microsoft continues to develop and improve its products, which should support the company's growth in the coming years 🚀