Which stock company do you think is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)? You don't have to consider just performance, it can be based on their numbers, products, needs or future potential.

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For me, it's Monster $MNST+0.0% in terms of performance, Berkshire Hathaway in terms of self-popularity, and Merck $MRK/-0.7% Pfizer $PFI-0.3% in terms of human need and utility as some of the oldest healthcare companies.

For me as an investor, Berkshire is the GOAT and I stand by that. A complex company with high diversification, perfect management, predictability, stability, tons of cash and a long history.

I guess I have to say $KO-1.4%. I don't invest in it, but the whole history of it is fascinating. And she'll be around forever.

The Immortal Company. Coke will stop being drunk when we are mostly robots or start paying attention to lifestyle, until then it will exist and function.

As I write here, very general and individual. $BRK-B+0.1% I think everybody likes that. Otherwise, I personally also use $AAPL+0.4% on a daily basis. Also $META+0.1% because of how many people it connects on the planet.

I agree, all three have something going for them and given the influence of Apple and Meta they rightfully belong there.

And what about MSFT 🤷‍♂️😃 the beginning without Windows I can't imagine maybe and today people don't have normal Windows users so it would be very hard to think they would switch to something like Linux etc 😃 for me MSFT is definitely that port where you know that the company will be the same Google how many people daily googled things they don't know how many people from them use on a daily basis something... I don't know, one of those giants that if it disappeared it would shake up the world in general for people that were all used to it 🤷‍♂️

Overall, FAANG stocks are among the top. I just wonder how long they will reign before someone unseats them in the future. It seems unrealistic now, but every top and mediocre company has a finite lifespan unless they focus on basic products like food, water and other necessities.

But when they catch it, they manage to buy these companies before they are overthrown 😁 They have a lot of resources...


Apple is a great company. Reviews, products results. They just have it all.

And above all, the influence on the great mass of people must not be forgotten.

For me, that would be Berkshire, too. But if I focus on my generation and those below me, it might as well be Meta. Life without social media these days? What would everyone be doing 😂 Plus most of the planet uses them, everyone has them, everyone spends time there daily.

Meta shouldn't be missing from the top list, not many people use their apps these days.

I don't think it'll come up again, but I'd be happy to include $WM+0.2% and $AWK+0.0%.

Nice one $AWK+0.0% I hadn't heard of it and now I'm looking, I like that sector

I really wouldn't have expected this, but you're being clever. The very basic needs and services are the best an investor can look for.

Nice pieces, Bill Gates has about 6m in WM, a bit less than BRK, too bad he's so expensive.