VIX, the volatility index, is above the 20-point mark for the second time this month. It didn't stay in this zone very long on its last visit.

How will it do this time? Will stocks resist the selling pressure and push the VIX down again, or will they give in and fall?

I think vix will either pass through this zone now or in the coming months.

In the long run for sure😊

Here it probably depends on the next political development in the US - the debt ceiling. We still have a week to go, nervousness may still be rising.

I'm really curious to see how this plays out. It's still mega hype at the moment though.

For me, the VIX will turn around, although given the uncertainty in the US... Well, it's debatable colleagues :)

Well, I agree. Maybe it will crash now and then it will screw with the markets in a way no one expects😁

This is a terrible guessing game for me, I'm not good at this discipline 😂

It's not a matter of guessing. I want to know your opinion on the current market situation😊

I think he'll last a while this time. I know it's getting boring and it's going on and on, but until a solution to the US debt is on the table (which may be another delayed hike), I think the market will be nervous. Yes, there's hype about AI, but that won't last forever. Inflation, the Fed ...

Yeah, it all plays together there, but even the market itself doesn't know much at the moment. It's back in consolidation. But who knows, maybe it will "splash" us all and keep the current momentum it's riding down...

You can't predict it can you and many times as you say it will do the exact opposite. For example, I'm asking myself a question today with $NVDA+1.4%...I'm reading reports how even though earnings are up, they are weaker than the previous year. Which makes sense to me as the hunger associated with cryptos has eased. On the other hand, there is AI hype ...I'm reading that it could go up 8% after earnings, but as always, opinions are about 50/50 up or down. I'd like to try and make a killing on this and have been puzzling over it all day. :D (well, sorry, I went off topic) :D ...we'll see, anyway I agree with you, I think it will relly cool off slowly and go down, but I wouldn't worry about a big drop.