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I always look at some analysis when I buy any stock, but I don't put that much weight on it for long-term investments.

In the long term it probably doesn't make that much sense, but I still think it's better to look at it at least tentatively.

I'll take a look, briefly, but it doesn't play that much of a role for me, but of course, even the chart needs to be seen at what stage it is at least approximately.

I'm not really focusing on that. I'm not good at it 😁

If I can, as @mikeystone writes you've already got some technical analysis done.

I can usually find the technical analysis already done somewhere. No need to do it yourself.

I understand, it's too much time.

I'm watching, but it's more that I'm learning to recognize it. Anyway, as has been said here, when I see a big drop or rise, I'd rather wait a while to break out.

That's reasonable.


It really matters. But I don't want to buy if the price is just after a breakout to a new high....

Yeah, I'm looking out for that, too.

I use the chart but more to identify high and low points, nothing deeper

I don't do that, I manage to analyze and pick well without it.

That's great.