Banda, on Thursday we got the official report, there was a post here as well, that Germany has entered a recession.

Yesterday we had a harvest and the market was completely green except for small fluctuations 🚀 and so was the German GER40 index. ( +0.94%) At the moment the index is around its highs. How do you explain the recession to the stock market, shouldn't it be falling?

Have a nice long trading weekend, remember Monday the US is closed.

So I guess this announcement doesn't necessarily mean -10% right away :) I think it's more of a "long term" outlook for this year...

The DAX dropped 3% after that report, if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, they say it should now stagnate. There has been no significant drop because the economic situation in Germany is supposedly already factored into the prices.

I don't really understand the DAX movements myself, to be honest. But I am probably not alone. 😁

Yes, it is. You're not. Not so I thought I'd maybe go short Germany for a month now, because the US seems a bit on the fence right now. The deal if there is one, which I'm sure there will be, along with AI driving the markets up, but there's still the Fed and logically if the market and the strength of the economy goes up, inflation will logically go up with it and I think they'll have to raise rates again. 🤔

So I think this relly could fall at any time

Nemecko🤷‍♂️, but the US is closer to a debt ceiling deal.

Hopefully we will see a deal sooner rather than later. :D

Well, they say that, but they're still scared of it, so we'll see.

Yes, it did get pushed back a little bit, but they say Biden was somehow not at the meeting on Friday and they say there's still some $70 billion left to be agreed on, but they're definitely going to do it, as they always do, push the issue off to the next administration. 🙈😂