Apparently my S&P 500 is slacking off somehow! :-D

According to this chart, we can be glad we have these tech stocks here :D

At this point in the season, sure, but I'm not worried about it turning around. 😁

Just... :-D

Well, in recent years, it's really been driven mainly by these big tech companies. It may be weird, but it's true.

So hopefully the big seven will continue these performances. Without them, the S&P would be pretty much worthless and investing in it would make no sense to me despite the great diversification.

There will come a time when things will turn around and we'll be glad for the 493. Otherwise, stock picking makes the most sense to me.

Oh yeah the impending debt ceiling deal kicked it up a notch. No one thinks it could still be trouble and everyone is cheerfully ignoring the suggestion that inflation is not going to go away. I'm starting to think the Fed will send a signal that not raising rates can be postponed and so it will knock it back down a bit.

I agree, a pivot is probably not in sight yet.

Yeah, I'd be pessimistic in the short term too, and the pivot is a bit further away.

Ugh, that's not a pleasant sight 😀