Now that's a total top!

Nvidia $NVDA+1.5% said it is building the most powerful AI supercomputer to meet growing customer demand for AI applications.

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The cloud-based system will cost hundreds of millions of dollars and will be partially operational by the end of 2023. Gilad Shainer, senior vice president of Nvidia, said Nvidia has worked with 800 startups in Israel and tens of thousands of software engineers.

The system, dubbed Israel-1, is expected to provide up to eight exaflops of AI computing power, making it one of the world's fastest AI supercomputers.

To give you an idea: One exaflop has the ability to perform 1 trillion - or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 - calculations per second.

Until today I lived with the fact that I only know teraflops, but I guess I haven't looked at the new capabilities of computers for a long time...😅

With $NVDA+1.5%, I have to admit I just missed the train. I was watching the stock at $140 and I thought the cryptocurrency boom was just over but I really didn't expect a surge like this. We'll see how the price develops at today's price I definitely don't want to take a position anymore.

Yep that's what I thought too and that's why I sold at the first nice profit. Now I can tear my hair out since I would have made more than 100%🤦‍♂️ ...but whatever, I tell myself, even a small profit is good.

Better some profit than my profit. (Unfortunately, there is no profit in $NVDA+1.5% ) ;(

That's probably what more of us were saying... :-D


The good old and for many eternally expensive Nvidia is once again making its mark and soon we will hear about it again as a top company. I invested here at some $220+- and was considered a fool for buying so expensively. What do these people have to say to me now? :)

That stock is even more expensive than you bought it?;)

That the stock is even more expensive than you bought it?;)

It's a big deal, it's going to be a big struggle and once it's produced and operational, it's going to open doors in a lot of sectors. On the other hand, I would also be cautious, there will certainly be some restrictions, regulations, etc., there will be the threat of abuse and other things. It's been done before by various technological advances but it has died down from that because there were also risks. Anyway, I'm also looking forward to what it will bring and I don't mean now in terms of finance but in general.