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Hello investors

Recently, there was a discussion in my class about Nike shoes.

Since I'm completely unfamiliar with shoes, I was more interested in $NKE+0.6% stock.



$105.14 $0.60 +0.58%
1 Day
5 Days
1 Month
6 Months
1 Year
5 Years

However, I haven't followed the stock much and I don't hear or read much information about the company. I hereby turn to you.

I would be glad if you could possibly write me something on this company and possibly if you have its stock in your portfolio or not and why.

Thank you in advance.

Shoes aren't my thing either and I'm just following this company from afar, but it has a nice discount. A competitive advantage like Nike has is always good for a portfolio, but I don't have room for this stock right now.

It is true that the discount is nice and that is why I became interested in this event.

Nike has the best running shoes. In specialty stores, they account for 75% of all shoes sold.

Thanks for the new information😁

I have that too, I held on, made a little money and then sold. I never jumped back in. I just saw some article recently in regards to Foot Locker $FL+1.9% since the company has dropped quite a bit with the stock price and since it's a sports shoe retailer, which includes Nike, it might have some connection. Unfortunately, I don't know the details as I'm not really interested in these companies right now. But I wouldn't worry about $NKE+0.6% just because it's a popular brand that people will still want. Their shoes are even traded similarly to the stock market, they have various limited editions and other sort of rare pieces for collectors. 😊

Great, thanks for the report and for the opinion. I'm slowly leaning towards buying.

For my part, I'll still try to wait to see if it goes lower, because once I had it I caught it at around $90 and sold it around $110, so if it goes below $100 I'll consider buying it too. 😊

I held the stock and made a lot on the NFT/Metaverse hype, then sold and haven't held since.

Now I'm genuinely amused, you win comment of the day! ;)

Since I don't have that much information on Nike. I'd like to ask you what's so funny?